Rottnest Island Swim Holiday

Experience Wadjemup/ Rottnest Island the swimming women way; friendship, relaxation, laughter, great food, and swimming in the breathtaking waters of this island paradise.

Renowned for its natural beauty and active outdoor lifestyle, Wadjemup / Rottnest Island is equally well known for what it doesn’t have - traffic. With few cars permitted on the island, there is a unique kind of tranquility as you explore everything the island has to offer.

We have secured accommodation exclusively for our holidays. Finding a place to stay at Rottnest is very difficult to get, so we are super excited to be able to share this with you.


Stunning ocean swims in pristine turquoise waters.


Breakfast each day, 3 dinners and 3 lunches included. Enjoy long table feasts and ocean side picnics.


4 nights in Rottnest Islands self contained chalets. South Thompson (Nov) or Fays Bay (Oct).


We will assess your stroke at the start of the holiday and give you specfic key points to work on, incorporating technique and drills in incredible locations.


Soak up the islands natural beauty, pause, breathe and be still. We will take time to stretch, and provide space for free time.


No swim is the same, featuring long beach swims, exploring the stunning natural reefs and swim thru’s from bay to bay.

Oct Trip 

* 27 Oct - 31 Oct 2024
* Accommodation at Fays Bay
* Twin share $1825/person
* Single Room $2165
*Houses with Ocean Views across Fays Bay and Geordie Bay.


Nov Trip 

*10 Nov - 14 Nov 2024
*Accommodation South Thompson
*Twin share Quokka View $1750/person
*Twin share Ocean View $1950/person
*single room Quokka View $2080

For 5 days we swim, ride a bike, eat and repeat, enjoying some of the 63 secluded beaches and 20 stunning bays, sharing the islands history and unique beauty both above and below the water.

The crystal clear turquoise waters of Wadjemup thrive with schools of tropical fish that follow the warm Leeuwin current and find home within the safety of the marine sanctuary. Every day we swim amongst the seagrass, kelp beds and white sandy bays; homes to over 135 species of tropical fish.

The predominant Leeuwin current ensures the water temperature is a few degrees warmer than the mainland, averaging 19-21 degrees in October and November.

Most days will begin with indulgence for your mind and body with a gentle stretch and morning swim.

After breakfast we will ride our bikes to one of the many beautiful beaches where we will swim and explore. A picnic lunch will be carried for you, leaving you the difficult choice of simply what to wear whilst you ride and swim.

Afternoon activities will be similar to the morning, except for Tuesday when you are free from midday to be still, go shopping, visit the museums or explore more beaches.

As we are all different shapes and sizes, we all swim differently and at different paces. At some beaches we will swim a few km, at others a few 100m’s. You will have the opportunity to walk part of the way or watch if you don’t want to swim as far or can swim further if you want a challenge. There is no speed requirement for a swimming women holiday and Rottnest is no different. For safety reasons we aim to keep the group together and from time to time your guide may specify where you should enter the water. You won’t be judged for your speed or lack of but you will be encouraged.

This holiday requires some bike skills as we will be riding our way around the island immersing ourselves in the myriad of places to swim and snorkel. The cost of bike hire is included in the holiday and you can upgrade your bike with a basket to a bike with a motor and a basket if you wish. The cost is approx. $150 extra for an electric bike.

The most we will ride is approximately 20km in one day, broken up swims and eating along the way.

We work with local partners on the island as well as our favourite foodies, to ensure you have access to delicious, nutritious food throughout your stay. We provide breakfast provisions in your accommodation to start your day right. You will need to purchase only one lunch as we bring picnics to you at the beach. Dinners times are mostly shared long table affairs with the opportunity to enjoy stories of the days adventures. You only need to pay for your meal on the last night.

This is Rottnest Island.

 Where Mermaids Swim Together.