Join us on a swimming holiday!

Swimming Women began in 2013 and for over 10 years has provided a safe space for women who love water to laugh and swim together. After coaching more than 1500 women in Margaret River of all swimming abilities to swim, we realised that women don’t just want to swim at home.

You want to combine a holiday with swimming and enjoy an experience that mixes fun, adventure, delicious food and laughter, with enough space to take time out, relax and rejuvenate.

In 2017 we delivered our first holiday to Bali and have not looked back, taking ladies to Sydney, Perth, Rottnest Island and Indonesia.


our guides are experienced ocean swimmers who know and love the places we swim

Loved and Trusted

our swimmers keep coming back seeking new adventures

Inclusive & Safe

at Swimming Women we create a safe space for you to relax, and try new things

Fun activities 

fun is at the heart of Swimming Women, it’s always more fun swimming together!

What do I need to bring? 

For each holiday we recommend bringing multiple pairs of bathers, towels and goggles, swim flippers if you like using them and a wetsuit if you feel the cold.

We are all unique and using flippers and wetsuits makes some people happy and others not so. Do what you want. Specific information on meals, transport and accomodation are detailed on each holiday page.

How fit do I need to be? 

Many of our holidays are about immersing yourself in your destination and embracing the local culture, food and energy. You need to be able to swim more than 200m in deep water comfortably and unaided.

Some swims will be much longer and you will have the option to wear flippers, walk, watch, or swim just part of the way.

While swimming everyday and being outside most of the time can be tiring we do aim to include some down time on our longer camps allowing you to rest and relax with a good book, or explore on your own.

Your Guides


Founder of Swimming Women, Charlotte O’Beirne, leads each of our swim holidays sharing her love for life, passion for the water and compassion for her swimmers.

Charlotte grew up in the UK and as a child had debilitating back pain. Unable to play any land sports she was encouraged to swim to support her back and in doing so found her happy place.  She competed at Olympic Trials in the UK and since moving to Western Australia has swum solo in the iconic Rottnest Island Channel swim placing in the top 10.

Her greatest swimming achievement it helping many women learn to swim and then participate in their own challenges, something they never thought possible. A Margaret River local for more than 20 years, aside from her labradoodle, she loves nothing more than sitting in the sun post dip sharing coffee and cake.

Rish lives in Yallingup with her family and her favourite place to swim is Yallingup Lagoon. She loves sharing her passion for learning with her swimmers and is ridiculously encouraging. Rish swam solo to Rottnest Island in 2018 struggling with crazy seasickness yet was the only one smiling on a cruise of 25 to see the Orcas in a very rough Southern Ocean! She still can’t work that out!

Kristy left her former life as an environmental lawyer and embraced her love of movement and the connection of the mind and body. She loves helping people connect to water and is a very patient teacher. With a super bendy yoga past, one of her favourite things to do now is is riding her longboard, anywhere!


Samara has a passion for the places we swim and the things we swim with having received degrees in marine science, and conservation and wildlife biology. She is happiest being on or near water and it doesn’t really matter if that means laying on the beach, dipping or swimming a really long way. Samara enjoys encouraging women and helping them understand they can enjoy water regardless of their speed.